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(yes I have very clever titles)

The whites must be reading my blog, because they have done much to redeem themselves.

Firstly, while riding around in my hoopty, a couple of typical all-americans in a lifted pickup rolled down their window at a red light so that the passenger could tell me how “awesome” my wreck is. Yes, yes it is. Thank you.

13 points for white.

Also, the other day, with the sun scorching and temperatures nearing 100 degrees. A group of co-eds (every single one fair skinned) hopped into a fountain to play beer pong. Frat boys in boardshorts, Sorority skanks in bikinis. On a school day no less. Good for you kids. Drink away your youth, that’s what sunny days were made for!

Another 8 for white.

Keep it up, guys. I can’t help but root for the underdogs.

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