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Wow, these guys just keep delivering.

Recently I had to cut my cable TV service. Yeah it’s a rough life, but at least I’ve got my antenna. And you know what station comes through damn near in HD? Telemundo!

So if I ever need a little distraction from the day to day, I click over to channel 29 and there’s always some kind of game show involving some sexy latin lady ready to model her new bikini for me. God bless her.

Plus 6 for the women, plus 2 for the bikinis and an extra point for letting me imagine they’re saying whatever the hell I want them to say.

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I forgot to update you all, probably subconsciously since the outcome was so bad and I didn’t want to depress everyone. No pink, no lace, not even an open button on the blouse.

I wasn’t going to take points off for a failure to excite, but this was just a real downer. Gotta take away a couple points. Sorry Asia!

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menage a quatre

The header for this page was a chance find from a google image search for “interracial.”
It happens to be a black male with 3 females.

BL gets 3 points, one for each lady.

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