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Yesterday I was informed there was a barbeque to celebrate International week (huh?). Anyway, I went because I can’t turn down free burgers. Much to my suprise a nice group of middle easterners was busy slaving over a grill consumed with shish kebabs.

I like shisk kebabs..a lot. I say BK gets 14 points.

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Super Burritos

Too lazy to cook, I had to go out for dinner tonight. Didn’t want to spend my whole paycheck on dinner in a town that thinks a hamburger should cost $8 and fries are extra so it took me a while to figure out where the hell I was going to find a meal. Minus 2 from me for the lightbulb taking so damn long to go off in my head, but I remembered finally the taqueria down the street. Thank god mexicans have decided it’s ok for them to pretend the super burrito is the traditional cuisine south of the border. Plus 20! And they get another bonus point because along with good food, cheap prices, and friendly service, this time around the cashier spoke very fluent english.

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