I forgot to update you all, probably subconsciously since the outcome was so bad and I didn’t want to depress everyone. No pink, no lace, not even an open button on the blouse.

I wasn’t going to take points off for a failure to excite, but this was just a real downer. Gotta take away a couple points. Sorry Asia!


Bye Bye Brown

After 45 minutes and 2 gallons of gas you want to renogotiate? Really? Well serves me right for dealing with people with no money.  In any case, I shall have vengeance.

Brown goes down, down by…14 points ( It was hot out today! Sweating isn’t pleasant)

was pink last lecture. If it’s half as exciting this time around Asians are gonna have a few extra points headed their way.

are not my problem.
BK loses 4 points for staging an anti-Israel protest outside my office and making me walk at least 10 steps out of my way to get around them. The free falafels they were handing out would have made up for the inconvenience but by the time I got to them they were packing up to leave. Racists!

Anyway, the reason I was late for the free falafel was I had to stop by the bookstore. The book I wanted was out so the worked filled out a rain check form for me to take to the cashier. The crotchety old asian man behind the counter was quite peeved at the state of said form and made me walk with him back downstairs to the counter. We got it all settled I thought, but the black worker had again neglected to provide all the necessary information, so the old man had to waddle back down there again to set things straight.

I got out and no more falafel. So blacks go down 3 and asians 6.

whites….minus 40

menage a quatre

The header for this page was a chance find from a google image search for “interracial.”
It happens to be a black male with 3 females.

BL gets 3 points, one for each lady.

An introduction

I have long believed that it is possible to believe certain stereotypes about different races and not be a racist. Different races belong to different cultures and, therefore, grow up with differing views, strengths, and even genetic make up.

The truth is though, I am racist. Or at least, I should be! If all races are different then one should be the best.

This website will decide which, in today’s world, is the best race.

The contenders:

White (W)

Yellow (Y)

Black (BL)

Brown (BW)

Brown with kaffiyeh (BK)

Brown with red dot (BR)

Yes I am my own race. You should know now this won’t exactly be objective.

But…to be fair! I will start by deducting points from myself. Last week I bought a 12 pack of Miller High Life Light. Not just cheap American beer, not just cheap American beer with a crappy gimmick, but the extra watered down cheap American beer with a crappy gimmick. However, W drink this all the time I’d imagine. So minus 10 for me and minus 11 for W.